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The Curse of Lotus Keep

Dear Diary,

What the actual fuck? One vacation! One vacation which my over-protective mom allowed me to take and I get kidnapped? Really?

And now they want to tell me that my whole life has been a lie and I was “originally” kidnapped by my “traitor” Mom when I was three and was now only “brought back home”? I’m a freaking high school student not a princess! I don’t know the first thing about this country of Lavish, wherever that even is. I hope I’m still in the US but I doubt it, cause our phones have like no signal.

Did I mention this stupid no cursing rule? Oh and as I’m this long lost princess, I’m supposed to be good at Lyco, some sort of magic. I’ve never been good at math or art. I’m good with memes. How am I supposed to automatically do something, I’ve never heard the first thing of?

Urgh …

I just hope that my friends were also kidnapped. I haven’t found them yet.


You’d basically get very irregular updates on my books, my life, funny stuff, snippets of conversations, cries for help on the editing or the most recent hilarious grammar errors found. And of course the most fabulous feedback from you, my readers! It will be shared (if allowed)

The one thing you won’t be getting - spoilers.

But yea, sign up! It’s going to be a blast.

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